Welcome To On Call Emergency Centers

OnCall Emergency Center is Here for the Whole Family. 

OnCall Emergency Center (ER) is a full-service emergency care center in the heart of South Austin. We specialize in treating illnesses and injuries. From burns, chest pain and broken bones to serious bleeding, flu symptoms or excessive vomiting, we're open 24/7 and right where you need us...close to home.  

Our Mission

Our goal is to exceed your expectations when you visit OnCall Emergency Center (ER). We provide our patients with minimal wait times, exceptional care, treatment using the latest technology, and a comfortable environment. 

Billing Made Easy 

You don't need any additional pain after your ER visit. That's why we work diligently to ensure you understand our billing procedures prior to receiving care. Most importantly, OnCall Emergency Center (ER) does not engage in balance billing, widely referred to by patients as a form of overcharging for services. Find out more information here

Accreditations & Certifications